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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dirham HIKMAH, akan dilancarkan

( Dirham HIKMAH )

( Antara pendukung yang bakal menjayakan dirham HIKMAH )

Dirham HIKMAH dijangka akan dilancarkan pada 29 Julai 2017.

Sesiapa yang berminat untuk menempah Dirham HIKMAH edisi khas, sila rujuk:-
http://qcdirham.blogspot.my/2017/06/dirham-hikmah-serial-no-booking-update.html dan hantar emel kepada QIBLAHconsulting@gmail.com

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gold and D&D in Co-Operatives - Latest Update (KBI 2013)

UPDATE 1 @11 July 2014:
Another co-operative involved in the Dinar is Koperasi DinarPal or, KODINAR.
KODINAR is in the formative stage with a limited number of members initially.
Based on a collection of RM100 per member it can be assumed (subject to confirmation) that RM5,000 have already been collected.

Was invited to attend KBI's 36th AGM held at the Hotel Putra, KL from 21st to 22nd June 2014.

Decided to make a comparison of Co-operatives involved in Gold and Dinar and their respective progress to-date.

I can only think of two Co-operatives involved partially in the Gold and Dinar. They are Koperasi Belia Islam (KBI) and Koperasi Amal Madinah Berhad (KAM).

Figures will be updated as and when they're made available.

(1) Koperasi BELIA ISLAM (KBI)

            GOLD & DINAR Savings BALANCE as at 31st DEC. (RM)

2013.   17,292.00.  ( Increase by  54.71%. An Increase of RM6,115 in terms of amount )

2012.   11,177.00.  ( Increase by 215.65%.  An Increase of RM7,636 in terms of amount )

2011.     3,541.00.  (NEW)

Website:- http://www.kbi.com.my/

(2) Koperasi AMAL MADINAH (KAMB)


2013.    N/A

2012.    N/A

Website:- http://www.kamkl.com/

(3) Koperasi DinarPal (KODINAR)

Formation stage. Limited to 50 Members only.

RM100 Registration Fees per member. Hence, RM5,000 collected as at 30th June 2014 (subject to confirmation).

Website:- www.dinarpal.com



2014:    ???

2013:    17,292.00

2012:    11,177.00

2011:     3,541.00

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SAQ - Dis-Associate Himself from the Islamic Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham


" So, I now dis-associate myself from all activity involving the Islamic gold dinar and silver dirham.
I call on an end to its new institutions and productivity. 
The defence mechanisms of today’s late capitalism and its crisis management surrounding the buying, moving and minting of gold have surrounded it with prohibitive pricing and taxation.
It is time to move beyond it. This is capitalism’s pyrrhic victory. Ahead lies vast expansion for the post-terrorist and post-political stage of Muslim growth." SAQ, 11 February 2014.

What's happening? I think there's more to this than meets the eye!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

GST for Gold and Silver Bars!!!

A friend informed that the GST will also be applicable to Gold and Silver Bar Purchase/Investment.
Definitely, a case of a tax on Investment / Savings.

Normally, Investors and/or Savers will be taxed(if any) on their Investment upon maturity and/or profits received BUT apparently  its NOT in the case of Gold and Silver in Malaysia.
What Options do Muslims have when ASB is Haram ( Reason HERE ) and the same goes for "Forced" Savings in EPF/KWSP ( Reason HERE )???

 ( Official Letter dated January 2014 )

I suppose the paper madness continues.

Savings / Investment Options:-
(A) Mudharabah Investment  (AMGIA / GIA)
- Returns do not keep pace with inflation.

- No Brainer, "HARAM"

(C) Unit Trust
- Seriously, with the weekly outflow of foreign funds since Budget 2014 was tabled in 2013!!!!????

(D) EPF / KWSP -
 as per (B) above.
Surat pertama

 lebih jelas lagi
 ( Letter from EPF to PPIM )

- ...emmm....too many stories!

So How?